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  • XX launched 8291E series of star-level Smart IPC new products

    Recently, XXXX introduced the 8291E series of star-level Smart IPC new products, including standard gun HF8291E, infrared gun HFW8291E and riot (infrared) hemisphere HDB (W) 8291E, not only have 8 lines of SmartIPC all the features, but also greatly enhance the night monitoring capabilities , The screen clear and bright, delicate and smooth

    0 2017-07-24
  • XXXX launched 6A2 wiper series infrared high-definition intelligent tracking ball machine

    Recently, XXXX innovation launched 6A2 wiper series infrared high-definition intelligent tracking ball machine. As a new generation of high-definition smart ball, the product highly integrated high-definition, infrared, panoramic PTZ linkage, intelligent wipers and electronic fog and other functions

    0 2017-07-24
  • XXXX innovative technology shines GDSF2014 Chengdu station

    Recently, the global digital security application forum (GDSF 2014) second stop at the Chengdu Crown House Crowne Plaza Hotel was held. As the world's leading supplier of monitoring products and solutions service providers

    0 2017-07-24
  • XXXX Zhejiang high-speed safe and smooth escort

    Recently, the Zhejiang high-speed traffic police corps through the media to the community announced the Zhejiang highway replacement tachometer news. As China's intelligent transportation industry leader

    0 2017-07-24
  • Beidou create the future XXXXMG8S series of products listed on the glory

    As a pioneer in the field of domestic professional surveying and mapping, XXXX has been with its powerful product performance, excellent product quality, highly recognized by professional consumers. Recently, XXXX once again launched its own new outdoor mapping products MG8S, which products not only further enrich the XXXX product line, while the new Beidou technology to join

    0 2017-07-24
  • XXXX2014 overseas experts tour activities sail sail

    To listen to customer needs, so that customers more intuitive feel and understand XXXX new products, new technologies, new programs and new images to more close to the user's way to explore the global communications industry, new changes in response to the global information market Challenges and opportunities, XXXX April 9 officially launched 2014 overseas expert tour group activities.

    0 2017-07-24